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Meet John Andrew Entwistle, Founder and CEO of Wander, Sief Khafagi, Co-Founder and CEO of Techvestor, and Cameron Wu, VP of Investments at Arrived.

I invited these incredible gentlemen onto the podcast for a panel discussion on the future of fundraising, portfolio building, and passive investing in short-term rentals.

I’ve been curious, as I’m sure many of you all have been, how these short-term rental funds, REITs, and other forms of fractional ownership of vacation rentals businesses are panning out, and thought I’d bring some of the finest folks in the arena to share their stories and insight with you all.

In this vibrant chat you’ll learn:

  • How these business overlap and how they are distinct
  • How the strategies for each business have evolved given the changes we’ve seen in macro economic environments over the past year
  • Why today’s consumers are ready for altgernative forms of real estate investment
  • What exit strategies for each of these companies might look like
  • And loads more

Moderating discussions with such incredible people is always so hard — and while we didn’t get to half of the questions I had hoped to because of time, I believe there’s so much value to be garnered from this discussion around how the industry as a whole is evolving and what these entrepreneurs believe the future of travel, hospitality, and vacation rental investing, just might look like.

Learn more about Wander

Learn more about Techvestor

Learn more about Arrived

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